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Why Do Injection Molds Use Hot Runner Technology?

After years of development, injection molds have become one of the preferred molds for manufacturing in all walks of life in the world, especially in European and American developed countries where the industry started earlier and the level is advanced. The most important thing to mention is the use of hot runner technology in injection molds.

1. Hot runner technology shortens the molding cycle of injection molds

Because there is no limitation on the cooling time of the main channel and the secondary channel, the injection tool mold can be ejected in time after it is formed and solidified. Many thin-walled product molding cycles produced with hot runner molds can be completed in seconds.

2. Injection mold hot runner technology eliminates subsequent processes, which is conducive to production automation

After the parts are formed by the hot runner mold, they are finished products, and there is no need to trim the gate and recycle the cold glue channel and other processes, conducive to production automation. Many foreign product manufacturers combine hot runners with automation to greatly improve production efficiency.

3. Injection mold hot runner technology saves plastic raw materials

Nozzles are produced during injection molding of traditional molds, and plastic products with high requirements are not allowed to use nozzles (recycled secondary materials), because repeated use of nozzles will degrade the molecular structure and properties of plastics, and reuse will affect product quality. Because there is no cold runner in the hot runner mold, there is no nozzle material (waste material). This is especially significant for applications where plastics are expensive. In fact, major international hot runner manufacturers have developed rapidly in the world when petroleum and plastic raw materials are expensive, because hot runner technology is to reduce material costs and reduce Material costs, an effective way to save costs.

4. Hot runner technology expands the application range of injection mold molding process

Many advanced plastic molding processes are developed on the basis of hot runner technology. Such as PET preforming, multi-color co-injection in injection mold tools, and multi-material co-injection process.

5. Hot runner technology reduces defective injection molds and improves product quality

During the molding process of hot runner injection mold tools, the temperature of the plastic melt is accurately controlled in the runner system. Plastic can flow into each cavity in a more uniform state, resulting in a consistent quality plastic part. The gate quality of the plastic parts formed by the hot runner is good, the residual stress is low after demolding, the deformation of the plastic parts is small, and the surface aesthetics of the injection molded products is greatly improved. Therefore, many high-quality products on the market are produced by hot runner molds. For example, many plastic parts in telephone casings, mobile phone casings, printer casings, computers, and automobiles that people are familiar with are produced with hot runner molds.

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