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Industrial Injection Molding

ShiqiTech, a high-tech enterprise, specializes in series service for wireless sensor research and development, design, production, sales and service. To develop the housing of geomagnetic sensor, ShiqiTech approaches Keyplast to search for injection moulding service, from CAD files, prototypes, testing, production, packaging and shipment. 

Keyplast's Industrial Injection Molding

At the stage of CAD files, Keyplast injection moulding supplier assisted to check different parts of the housing, including top cover, shell, cover plate, inner sleeve and sealing ring. Considering the assembly, Keyplast focused on the fitting of threads structure for the top cover and outer shell, made lots of useful revisions on the design and finally received approvals from ShiqiTech.

At the stage of industrial injection molding process, Keyplast managed efficient schedule for the projects, finished four sets of moulds within 40 days and then had the samples for testing. Keyplast participated in the project with our clients and offered sincere suggestion for our clients during each round testing. For example of the injection material, considering the usage of the housing for geomagnetic sensor, we suggested the material of the shell to be PC/ABS, for the shell needs to be stiff and hard, and suggested the material of the top cover to be PC, for the top cover which is exposed outside needed to be transparent and hard. To keep the top cover clean without water stains, Keyplast added radian to the surface of the top cover instead of the original flat surface, and also added small arrows and ribs to the inner sleeves to make it easily assemble. Moreover, Keyplast offered the service of changeable logos on the surface per our clients’ request, to assist ShiqiTech to gain more clients if in need.  

Industrial Injection Molding

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