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Machine List

Keyplast Machine List

Name of MachineModel NoDetails SpecificationQuantityType of Operations
Country of Origin
CNC millingGAO FENGTolerance 0.025±0.008MM8Vertical MachiningTaiwan
CNC millingLocal brand
1Vertical MachiningChina
OKK CNC high speed machining
VB 53Tolerance 0.002-0.005MM5Vertical MachiningJapan
KITAMURA CNC high speed machining centerBridge CenterTolerance 0.005MM1Vertical MachiningJapan
CMM measureHexagon1000x1200x800mm
Tolerance 2.8+4L/1000μm
1Vertical MachiningSweden
Side milling machinelocal
2Horizontal MachiningChina
Boring lathe machinelocal
2Vertical MachiningChina
EDMlianxinbed size 1000*800mm
3Vertical MachiningChina
CNC EDMbaomabed size 600*400mm1Vertical MachiningTaiwan
High speed engraving machineBeijing Carver (Best in China)bed size 400*400mm, 600*600mm3Vertical MachiningChina
Engraving machineNantongbed size 1200*1500mm5Vertical MachiningChina
Medium-speed wire cuttingDM cutbed size 450*320mm
3Vertical MachiningChina
High speed wire cuttingsihaibed size 1000*800mm4Vertical MachiningChina
CNC lathe machinexinghuo/Spark (Frank system)Φ1000mm3Horizontal MachiningChina
Headman1Horizontal MachiningChina
Lathe machineshenyang (Frank system)Φ600mm2Horizontal MachiningChina
1Horizontal MachiningTaiwan
Drill machinelocal ZJ3050*16mm, 3063*20mm5Vertical MachiningChina
Deep drilling machine 3 axislocal ZONJET/1Horizontal MachiningChina
Deep drilling machine 5 axislocal ZONJET/1Vertical MachiningChina
Die spotting machinelocal shunxingkaihao/1Vertical MachiningChina
Grinding machine/big sizeProth2000mm*1000mm*1000mm1Horizontal MachiningTaiwan
Grinding machine/middle sizelianxin1000mm*600mm*350mm1Horizontal MachiningChina
Grinding machine/small sizetiangong/5Horizontal MachiningChina
Steel test machine
Laser label machinechengguang/2/China

List of Injection Molding Machine

Name of MachineModel NoQuantityCountry of Origin
Injection machineHaitian 90T1China
Injection machineHaitian 160T1China
Injection machineHaitian 250T1China
Injection machine high speedHaitian 390T1China
Injection machineHaitian 470T1China
Injection machineHaitai  650T1China

5 Axis Deep Hole Drill
5 Axis Deep Hole Drill
5 Axis Deep Hole Drill
5 Axis Deep Hole Drill
Injection Machine
Injection Machine
OKK CNC Machine
OKK CNC Machine
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