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What Factors in Injection Molding Are Related to Production Costs?

Let's talk about how much resources can be saved by a reasonable injection moulding process? That is the question of production cost. Otherwise, there will be problems such as low production efficiency, high defect rate, many machines, high material consumption, batch returns, artificial damage to molds, compression molds, broken screw heads, delayed delivery, and large waste of raw materials. There are so many reasons why resources can be wasted.

1. The relationship between injection moulding process cycle time and production cost

Under the premise of ensuring product quality, the shorter the injection moulding process cycle time, the better, so that the more the production quantity, the lower the manufacturing cost per unit product. What elements are included in the injection cycle time: injection time, pressure holding time, cooling time, mold opening time, and ejection time. Some of the most important ways to shorten the injection cycle time: reduce the wall thickness of the plastic part/runner size, reduce the opening and closing distance/thimble stroke, quickly take out the product, manipulator operation, speed up the opening/closing of the safety door, and reduce the sticking of plastic parts. mold phenomenon, correct selection of cooling time, reasonable setting of mold opening/closing speed and ejector pin speed/times, etc. Shortening injection cycle times increases productivity.

2. The relationship between the maintenance of the injection moulding process mold and the production cost

If the mold maintenance work is not in place, mold failures will often occur during the production process of the injection moulding process, and frequent production and drop mold maintenance will be required, which will not only affect the smooth progress of production and the stability of the quality of plastic parts, but also cause economic losses to the enterprise. For example, mold maintenance costs, plastic raw materials/power consumption, labor costs, and the loss of machine shutdown. Therefore, we need to carry out proper maintenance work on production tools such as molds. To ensure that the production process will not fall off the chain failure and so on. After the maintenance of the mold is in place, there will not be a series of problems later, and the smooth production will be guaranteed. The maintenance of the mold is urgent, it is an important guarantee for the production in place.

3. The relationship between the quality of the injection moulding process and the production cost

"Product quality is the life of an enterprise", the return of plastic parts and the high defective rate are the biggest wastes, the reputation of the enterprise is affected, and at the same time, it causes great economic losses to the enterprise. If the product quality control in injection molding production is not good, there will be a high defect rate, a lot of waste, low output, return and rework, delayed delivery, and even loss of customer orders, and the competitiveness of the company will decline. These are things we don't want to see. If there is a batch return in the production of the injection moulding process, the loss will be even greater. Quality is something we cannot take lightly no matter what. Only good quality can have a good reputation. With a good reputation, customers will naturally believe in you, and of course orders for the injection moulding business will come in a steady stream.

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