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The 20th Zhejiang Plastic Trade Fair Opened In Taizhou

The 20th Zhejiang Plastics Fair was held in Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on Oct. 15.  

It has been successfully held for nineteen times since Zhejiang Plastic Trade Fair was established in our city in 2001. As the only exhibition supported by the national plastic industry, the exhibition pattern of plastic industry chain is becoming more and more mature, and the advantages of professional type, origin type and internationalization are becoming more and more obvious. The Plastic Trade Fair, with the theme of "green, smart, rich together" and the strategy of "carbon peak, carbon neutral" trend, focuses on the innovation in the field of plastic industry. It sets up the 1800 booths and more than 650 exhibitors,with the exhibition area of more than 40000 square meters.

The Fair shows the city of Taizhou outstanding achievements and shows the world a full range of plastic industrial chain and all of the latest technology and development direction. It will help to enhance mould production base of Taizhou City and global plastic products processing base construction, lead the billions of level features advantages of cluster and upgrade the existing industrial cluster. With the help of the fair, fully absorb the new idea, new technology and new mode. Based on the characteristic advantage, get the development path, seize opportunities and promote the manufacturing development of high quality.

Under the background of "double carbon", Taizhou plastic industry adheres to the direction of "high performance, wide application and green", focuses on the development of new daily use plastics, medical plastics and degradable new materials, and strives to become the largest and competitive green specialized new plastic product manufacturing base and global polylactic acid industrial base in China. We will take this plastic fair as an opportunity to further focus on innovation and transformation, continue to optimize the environment, amplify the agglomeration effect, and make every effort to enhance the brand image of "Kingdom of plastic Products", and strive to make Taizhou an important window to comprehensively display the green transformation and development of China custom injection molding.

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