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How do injection mold manufacturers ensure injection mold processing color?

How can injection mold manufacturers control the color of injection mold processing? The following Taizhou Huangyan Fao injection molding suppliers share with you the secret of reasonable color control of injection mold processing based on some of their experience.

1.Reduce the influence of barrel temperature on the color difference, to protect the color of injection mold processing

In the production, we often encounter that a heating ring is damaged and failed, or the heating control is out of control for a long time to form a violent change in the barrel temperature and then produce color difference.

2. Eliminate the influence of injection molding machine and injection mold elements

To select the appropriate injection molding machine with the capacity of the products of injection moulding, if the injection molding machine has material dead ends and other questions, the best replacement equipment. About the mold pouring system, exhaust slot, etc. to form the color difference, can be dealt with by the corresponding some injection molding mold repair mold. It is necessary to first deal with the injection molding machine and mold problems before the organization of production, in order to reduce the complexity of the problem.

3. To eliminate the impact of the material resin, masterbatch, control of raw materials is the key to completely deal with the color difference of the injection mold

Therefore, especially when producing light-colored injection molding mould, we cannot ignore the significant impact of the different thermal stability of the material resin on the color fluctuations of the finished product. Given that most injection mold processors do not produce plastic masterbatches or color masterbatches themselves, attention can be focused on the color of the finished product. In this way, the focus of attention can be placed on production management and raw material inspection.

Do the above three points to control the color of injection molding processing is no problem at all, the answer is not complete, welcome customers and friends to put forward valuable advice and suggestions. As a professional China plastic injection supplier and a one-stop industry leader in the field of injection molding, Keyplast provides customers with turnkey projects from prototyping, design, mold, manufacturing, assembly and after-sales service.

Taizhou Huangyan Fow injection molding supplier specializes in plastic molding consumables and injection molding consumables to manufacture plastic parts by injecting plastic materials into preformed metal molds. The molten plastic is injected at a predetermined temperature and pressure and then cooled. As it cures and conforms to the shape of the mold, it is ejected as a molded part. Our scope of business includes secondary molding, insert molding, and overmolding. Welcome online inquiry!

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