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Four Measures of High Quality Injection Mold

Injection molds belong to a tool for producing plastic products. Through injection molding, some products with complex shapes are mass-produced. In the process of injection molding, the quality of injection mold China determines the quality of the final products, especially For some precision electronic products, the requirements for injection molds are particularly high. We need to comprehensively measure when selecting injection molds. So how to judge the quality of injection molds?

1. The steel of the injection molding mold must be mold steel

First of all, in the process of industrial injection molding to produce products, the temperature in the injection mold is generally relatively high, so the steel used by the injection mold factory to manufacture the injection mold must be the mold steel that has undergone high temperature tempering treatment, so that even in a high temperature environment, the overall design is good. The size of the mold will not be affected, thus ensuring the precision of the mold as a whole.

2. The steel of the injection molding mold must be resistant to corrosion

Secondly, in the process of injection molding, the raw materials of plastic products such as resins and various additives will corrode the surface of the injection mold, thus affecting the overall precision of the injection mold. Therefore, corrosion-resistant steel must also be used in the selection of mold steel. kind.

3. The surface roughness of the injection molding mold should be small

Plastic products generally have relatively high requirements on the gloss of the surface, so in the production process of injection molding, the surface roughness of the corresponding injection mold cavity is required to be relatively small, so that plastic products that meet the standards can be injection molded, so it must be selected. For mold steel that does not contain impurities and pores, after the injection mold is manufactured, the surface of the mold cavity must be polished and ground.

4. Use wear-resistant mold steel for injection molding molds

Finally, in the process of using the China custom plastic injection molding  to produce plastic products, due to the high-speed flow of plastic raw materials in the mold cavity of the injection mold, great friction will be formed on the surface of the entire mold. Therefore, it is necessary to choose wear-resistant mold steel to ensure large The quality of the product is always stable during the batch injection molding production process.

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