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Insert Molding

Insert molding is one category of  injection molding that allows preformed parts or components, usually metal inserts, to be inserted into the plastic molded parts and to have a final product in one-step process. Insert moulding has characteristics as below:

  • A combination of two parts, preformed components (metal threaded inserts) and plastic molded parts (plastic resin);

  • One-step process is executed and avoids secondary assembly operations;

  • Insert the components into the parts to increase the functionality for the whole part.

As a professional china mold manufacturer, Keyplast injection molding supplier also offer different varieties of injection mold toolings such as two shot molding,  overmolding injection molding and materials used in injection moulding according to  your different needs.

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Insert Molding Process

Firstly, prepare the finished molds well with preformed parts, like threaded inserts. Secondly, inject the melted plastic resins into the molds to create a whole part with threaded inserts. After sufficient cooling, the molded parts with threaded inserts will be ejected out. Insert molding process has key factors as below:

  • Preparation for the inserts                                                            

  • Material selection for the main parts                                                      

  • Melting temperature for injection                                        

  • Cooling time before moulds open                                                

  • Testing for the inserted plastic parts

What Is Insert Molding ?

What is insert moulding: Insert molding is a manufacturing process in which a preformed part (usually metal) is remolded using a heated thermoplastic resin to produce a single unit, called metal insert molding.  Molded inserts can be simple objects, such as rods, threads, or blades, but they can also be complex.

There are many cases where this manufacturing method is needed to enhance the mechanical properties of plastic parts.  The plastic molding process requires very high precision to ensure the correct molding of the final plastic part.  Even the slightest deviation can completely destroy the results, so very strict quality control procedures are required.  In fact, the insert molding process is closely related to the interface between the machine and the tool.  Some high-precision machines can meet even the most demanding requirements of precision and reliability that only insert moulding can meet.

Insert Molding Design Guide

Keyplast provides six steps to optimize the insert injection molding process:

Machines Selection

Insert molding process requires advanced molding machines throughout the process and requests the engineering team to follow design guidelines and execute accurately and correctly.  

Materials Selection

Strong plastic resins should be used to create insert injection molding products, which help to avoid easy cracking but allow for greater expansion. 

Insert Design

Special plastic insert molding designs, such as rounded corners, are recommended to ensure the strength, ease of insertion and durability when in injection moulding applications.   

Preheat Preparation

The machines and the plastic resins should be preheated to increase liquidity, reduce process time cycles and create stronger products. 

Distance Measurement

Accurate distance measurement could avoid displacement between the plastic parts and insert during insert molding process.  

Prototypes Testing

Once the process is completed, it comes to the prototyping stage. The inserted part needs to be tested to confirm no errors or defects. 

Insert Molding Solutions

As a professional insert molding manufacturer, Keyplast provides rapid insert molding solutions. To reduce assembly cost, different sizes of metal insert molding can be inserted directly in one step during the insert injection molding process. Before the choice of insert molding, we need to consider several things, including confirmation of the inserted parts, the used materials and part design considerations.                                                                                      

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