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Electronics Injection Molding

In the electronics injection molding industry, Keyplast has spanned many years of serving different companies and various brands. One electrical weighing indicator, Giropes, approaches to Keplast and treats Keyplast as an experienced injection moulding partner to support plastic parts for the electrical weighing indicator. 

The Giropes has a long history of completing projects and services and settling problems with any challenges the world of weighing throws at them. So it's important to find reliable suppliers for their electronics injection molding services. As one of the professional plastic mould manufacturers in chinaKeyplast assists Giropes to find the best injection molding solution to complete a satisfactory electrical weighing indicator. 

How does Keyplast Solve Electronics Injection Moulding Problems For Giropes?

Firstly, Giropes said it was hard to find suppliers to provide low-volume injection moulding supplies, but Keyplast could do it. We could provide one-stop electronics injection molding services from prototype to low-volume production or high-volume production in the injection molding electronics industry. To help Giropes develop new products, Keyplast was willing to work with Giropes, help to modify the drawing, and run the first small batch of 100 pieces. 

Secondly, Keyplast provided Giropes with a specific and well-organized DFM report. Based on the report, they could review, comment, and make revisions to the injection molding electronics designs. 

Thirdly, the electric weighing parts required sliders for the holes and mental threaded inserts for the plastic parts. Keyplast cooperated with our injection moulding and post-processing team to have the injected parts with threaded inserts. Giropes approved the products and established a solid business relationship for stable plastic mould supplies with Keyplast.

Electronics Injection Molding

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