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How does Keyplast protect IP/confidentiality?

Keyplast pays attention to your intellectual property and confidentiality. When we receive your inquiry, we will send you NDAs for the sake of protecting your intellectual property. Once we sign the NDAs of both sides, Keyplast injection moulding supplier has the responsibility to protect the confidentiality during or after the project since we receive your CAD files.

If we find some issues of the quality, how does Keyplast handle this problem?

Keyplast assumes the risk of loss of goods, damage of goods and unconditional return of goods due to quality problems. If it has the quality issue, Keyplast takes the responsibility at the first time and finds the best solution to avoid your loss of interests. We will check our production line and find out the reason why we have the quality and how to avoid it in the next time.

What material should I choose?

Keyplast offers all kinds of plastic materials used in injection moulding, like PP, ABS, PC, PA, PE, HDPE, LDPE, and composite materials. We also could pick the materials per your request, like engineering materials and special materials used for special industries, like aerospace industry. 

Can you design a part for us?

Yes, if you only have the concept or the sample, we could make the product design for you. And we could offer 3D-printing service to check its appearance, assembly and functionality. 

If you already have the design, our team could check and modify the drawings, like the ratio of wall thickness to ribs, demoulding slopes and the structural rationality.

Can you deliver parts to my location?

Yes, we could deliver parts to the location per your request. To find the best shipping solution, Keyplast will compare different ways, by Ship, by Air or by Express to reduce the cost and find the most cost-effective way to deliver the package.

What service can Keyplast offers? How to get started?

Keyplast offers one-stop plastic moulding service, from prototype, moulding, testing, production, packaging and shipping. When you pick Keyplast as the supplier, we will start to modify the product drawings after we receive your initial payment. After your confirmation of the product drawings, we will start to make moulds design and plastic injection molding process. When we finish the moulds, we will test and send the samples for confirmation. If you approve it, we will start low-volume or high-volume production.

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