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Direct Mold-Processing Technology Shortens Lead Times For Aerospace Services

Carboman, a European composite company, together with Decision SA Group announced a new direct mold-processing technology for aerospace products. On the basis of Decision, the mold processing solution enables shorter lead times for both OEM factories and manufacturers. Under the condition of temperature up to 180℃, the processing process is carried out simultaneously inside and outside the high temperature autoclave, mass production of highly stable direct mold processing products. The technology also eliminates the need for traditional latches or molded parts.

Currently, the minimum lead time for similar molds is six to eight weeks. "With our new direct mold technology, we are able to guarantee dimensional accuracy, product thermal stability and extremely short lead times," said Gregoire Metz, General Manager, Decision SA, "The goal of Decision SA's partnership with Carboman is to develop novel processing methods for the future manufacture of composite structural parts. We believe this direct plastic injection molding process solution will enable our customers to accelerate the development of the next generation of high-performance carbon fiber aerospace structures and components."

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