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Medical Injection Molding

Keyplast has efficient team with many years' experience of injection moulding, while medical industry is one of our mainly focused industries. With our deep insight into the medical injection moulding industry, MacroMedics approaches to Keyplast for injection moulding service in the medical plastic injection field. To develop new products and stand out on the American Exhibition, Keyplast, helps MacroMedics to modify the drawing, test the molds and manufacture the products from small batch to large quantity.

What does Keyplast do for MacroMedics About Medical Injection Moulding?

When Keyplast, a professioal china plastic injection molding company in medical industry, received the drawings from MacroMedics, we organized our professionals and engineers to check the design issues and modify the demoulding slopes for demoulding use. Especially for the frame part, we checked out the unreasonable ratio of ribs to wall thickness to avoid sink marks, and revised the logo part for better appearance and high quality. We tested the medical injection mold tooling products for many times and had the best samples for confirmation and exhibition then. 

Moreover, Keyplast has an efficient production team of medical plastic injection molding, producing from small batch to large quantity, packaging for all the plastic injection molding medical parts well and shipping by the best way before the expected delivery date. With our clients’ satisfaction, MacroMedics puts more trust on Keyplast and devotes more and more projects to gain mutual benefits. With a sincere attitude and high satisfaction, Keyplast and MacroMedics will build long-term and sustainable business relationship.  

Medical Injection Molding

Medical Plastic Injection Molding Empowering The Medical Device Industry

Medical plastic components manufacturer need innovative ways to bring high- quality, dependable products to request briskly. Our guests trust our unequaled capabilities and experience in cumulative manufacturing( AM) to help them develop innovative medical bias and surgical instruments. With medical device injection molding companies,we also unite with our guests to determine the stylish approach to commercialization, either through contract manufacturing support from our medical injection molding companies or via technology transfer to our client.

Medical Device Plastic Injection Molding For Implants and Instrumentation

Additive manufactured implants and surgical instruments exhibit excellent mechanical properties enabling accelerated product development and lower inventory costs compared to traditional subtractive manufacturing and its long lead times. Moreover, validated parameter sets enable printing of metallic parts that meet ASTM standards for mechanical properties and chemical composition. The 3D printing process also yields many cost-effective implant types and is fully compatible with traditional (CNC) manufacturing. 3D Systems is the trusted partner of top medical device OEM’s to medical plastic components manufacturer their implants and instruments for spine, orthopaedic, extremity, craniomaxio facial applications and more. 

Medical Device Injection Molding For Healthcare Applications

The medical device molding used for personalized healthcare solutions have gone through extensive quality and regulatory testing in order to ensure they meet the needs of 3D Systems healthcare solutions team and our customers. Learn more about medical plastic molding that can be sterilized and used to guide osteotomies as well as non-sterilizable materials for pre-surgical planning and education.

 Medical Plastic Injection Factory  Of KeyPlast

Other companies dabble in micro medical devices for the medical market, but we ,with medical plastic injection factory,focus much more highly on micro medical device manufacturing. This means we commit a large number of our people, systems, and operation to meet the needs of our medical customers.The market for less invasive micro medical implants and components continues to grow worldwide. In fact, the medical device industry leaps ahead almost daily, with constant demand for newer, smaller, never-before-seen micro medical devices.For the past years, we have partnered with customers with ideas that seemed difficult, if not impossible, to reliably manufacture. By refining their micro design for improved manufacturability and consulting on materials, our team of engineers have brought these new medical injection moulding to market.

Other Injection Moulding Applications

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