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Food And Beverage Injection Molding

Recently, Keyplast cooperated with a major company from the food and beverage industry in a way that significantly benefited our customer. They had designed a custom beverage cap that was needed in high-volume production.

Keyplast In Food Grade Plastic Injection Molding

The quality was critically important and it would influence the assembly and functionality of the food grade plastic injection molding products. Meanwhile, the cost for injection mold tooling and production was also crucial to our customer. When Keyplast, a professional injection molding company in food grade plastic injection molding offered the best tooling price and production price, our customer felt it was unbelievable and picked Keyplast as a trial to see if the quality was also the best. When they checked the sample that was created and presented by Keyplast, our customer showed great satisfaction about the price and quality of plastic mould tooling, which significantly exceeded their expectations. Then they made their final decision and chose Keyplast as the supplier to solve the problems. 

During the moulding process, Keyplast suggested to use hot runner system based on the property characteristics of the material and requirements for the appearance, for a mould with hot runner could produce a clean gate and nice product. This selection was quite important to the success of producing a great part. 

Food Contatiner Plastic Injection Molding

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