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Four Factors Affecting Custom Injection Molding Prices

When evaluating the value of a product, the main factors to consider are quality and price. In simpler terms, this means assessing whether the quality is worth the cost and whether the cost is worth the product. So what are the factors that affect the price of custom injection molding?

The manufacturing cost of custom injection molded products

This is the main component of the injection moulding price. Even if the same set of injection molds is made by different companies, the cost could vary due to many factors such as the degree of automation, the proportion of manual operation, and the rationality of the production process. Of course, the methods used also affect the precision of the injection molds. As the quality of the products improves, the requirement for the precision and manufacturing level of the injection molds becomes higher, which drives the injection mold factories to invest in high-precision machine tools to replace manual operation. The decrease in production cost depends on rational process planning, correct processing procedures, and high standard part utilization. At the same time, reducing the number of tests and the cost of testing is also an important part of reducing production cost.

The delivery time of custom injection molded products

The delivery time of custom plastic moulding is one of the important requirements for product launch. Therefore, the injection molding cycle is directly related to the sales price of injection molds. The shorter the delivery time, the higher the price of custom injection moulding, which will force professional plastic molding companies to improve their professional level through various methods, shorten production cycle, update equipment, and improve processing methods. Therefore, the effect of shortening delivery time on the price of custom injection molding will become increasingly prominent and an important part of evaluating injection molds.

The skill level required for custom injection molded products

Custom injection moulding is a skill-intensive product that must contain high-skilled elements. The more difficult the injection mold, the higher the additional value of the skill, and the higher the proportion of high-skill components in the price (about 10% - 30% or higher). The technical value of injection molds is an important part of reflecting the high-skill and high-precision value of custom injection molding, which directly affects the development, skill improvement, and market competition of injection mold manufacturing enterprises.

The lifespan of custom injection molded products

New products are constantly being updated, and the lifespan of products determines the planned lifespan of injection molds. Therefore, the longer the lifespan of the injection molds, the better. The price of custom injection molding is directly related to the expected lifespan.

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