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How to Reduce Injection Molding Cycle Time?

Injection molding cycle directly affects labor productivity and equipment utilization. Therefore, in the manufacturing of plastic injection molding technology, while ensuring the quality of injection molded parts, the relevant time in the molding cycle should be shortened as much as possible. Injection time and cooling time are crucial throughout the injection molding cycle, and they have a decisive impact on the quality of injection molded parts.

The influence of injection time and cooling time on the quality of injection molding parts

Injection time

Injection time includes feeding time and holding time. Industrial injection molding feeding time refers to the time when the screw rapidly advances and pushes the plasticized molten material into the mold, and the filling time required to fill the mold cavity is usually 3 to 5 seconds. For injection molding mould with high melt viscosity and fast cooling rate, fast injection should be used to reduce the feeding time of the melt. Holding time refers to the time when the screw advances and injects, that is, the time for cooling the molten material entered the cavity and the supply of injection pressure. During this period of injection time, the proportion of time is relatively large, usually about 20 to 120 seconds. Injection molded parts with simple shapes and small sizes have short holding times. If the injection parts are larger and have thicker walls, the holding time is longer.

Cooling time

Cooling time refers to the cooling and solidification time of injection molded parts after filling with molten material. The length of cooling time is related to the thickness of products of injection moulding, material properties, and mold temperature. Usually, the deformation of injection molded parts at the time of demoulding is used as the standard, and the shorter the time, the better. The cooling time of injection molded parts is usually between 30 and 120 seconds.

Methods to reduce the cycle time of injection molding

Reducing the cycle time of different types of injection moulding helps to reduce the manufacturing cost of injection molded parts. It allows injection molding machines to produce more products with the same energy consumption. But how do we reduce the cycle time of injection molding?

Use high-speed injection molding machines

The steps of custom injection moulding include plasticization injection, ejection, clamping, and demolding. The function of the injection molding machine itself is one of the main reasons that affect the injection molding cycle time. High-speed injection molding machines have many advantages in terms of speed. Ensure that the mold structure is simple and easy to process, in other words, make the mold design as simple as possible. Most molds can be designed in different ways, and there are many demolding methods. Simplified mold design can reduce the injection molding cycle time.

Use good cooling system

Cool the mold with cold water. In addition to wasting time during industrial injection molding, cooling also takes up a lot of injection molding cycle time. Therefore, using low-temperature cooling water and making the cooling water quickly pass through the cooling system can help reduce the cycle time of injection molding process.

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