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How to Choose a Professional Injection Mould Manufacturer?

Mold is a relatively traditional industry. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, mold production and development is still a very important industry. Many creative product designs need to be completed by molds until they are finally turned into entities. Now there are many injection mold manufacturers on the market, how to find a suitable professional injection mold manufacturer? This requires us to study carefully, because the choice of cooperative manufacturers will directly affect the quality of our finished mold products.

1. Check whether the injection mold manufacturer has formal three-certificate information

For example, business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate. Because these are relatively basic requirements that must be met. Plastic mold manufacturers must have more than 5 years of company business hours and more than 10 years of production and processing experience, because the precipitation of business hours makes the company more formal. And the long-term production and processing experience makes the workshop's technology better.

2. Look at the cooperation cases of injection mold manufacturers and the display of finished products

Generally speaking, when we look at a customer who has cooperated with an injection mold manufacturer, we can see a certain strength of the company, and then look at the products they have produced, and we can roughly evaluate whether the company is suitable. These things we can generally find from the company's official website.

3. On-site inspection of the injection mold manufacturer's factory

This should be the most direct and effective method. When we go to the China plastic mould factory, we can understand the entire process of mold opening by mold manufacturers, check whether their mold production equipment can meet our requirements, and also understand the after-sales China plastic injection molding service of the other party.

Don't just consider the price, don't blindly believe in the low injection moulding price. Behind the low price, there are often hidden traps that we don't know about, either shoddy or cutting corners. You must know that any mold factory he Is it to pay the rent, pay the water and electricity, support the workers and make a profit? Finally, it is suggested that you should consider the situation and characteristics of your own factories when choosing a mold factory, and make an objective evaluation of the demand positioning of molds and products together with various departments of the company, and then make a reasonable choice, which may achieve satisfactory results!

FOW is a professional plastic mold manufacturer with the advantages of fast quotation, professional design, efficient processing, regular feedback, strict quality control and automatic packaging, and is in a leading position in the injection molding industry. For prototyping, we provide professional advice for your drawings; for manufacturing, we provide prescribed material testing until the most suitable material is confirmed; for production, we provide small batch, customized plastic injection molding services, as well as one-stop butler solutions. Our plastic injection molding services cover industries such as electronics, medical, automotive, food and beverage, horticulture, and industrial products and components.

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