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Automotive Plastic Injection Molding

As one of the professional automotive plastic injection molding companies in China, Keyplast provides quality one-stop injection moulding automotive solutions for our customers. Many customers from the automotive industry approach Keyplast to solve their own automotive injection molding challenges, from prototypes, engineering validation testing, design validation testing, production validation testing, and mass production.

Auto Parts Mould Cases - Ford

Ford is one example that engaged with Keyplast, a professional automotive injection molding company, to move forward with its project of injection moulding automotive parts. Our cooperation started with rapid prototypes with different 3D-printing technologies, to check the appearance and assembly through 3D prints. Then we moved into validation testing of engineering, design, and production. During the testing process of automotive injection molding, we removed some unnecessary angles, improved some injection molding automotive parts, and accelerated the design. For the managing team of Ford, Keyplast insisted that quality always came as the first priority. And the key factor for them when choosing a supplier was to get the best quality in the project. As a new product, Ford requested the initial batch for the first month of only 50 units, for the second month 100 units, and then 500 units for the next month. Keyplast could provide the low-volume quantity repeatably and continually but also ensure the quality and speed. 

Today, Keyplast and Ford have established a long-term supply chain and benefited mutually. As a reliable China plastic injection parts supplier, Keyplast offers quick responses to the injection molding automotive parts and injection mold design engineering requests from Ford, and Ford keeps a small amount of inventory, optimizes cash flow, and gets a great competitive advantage in the market.

Automotive Injection Molding

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