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Basic Requirements for Injection Molding Tooling Manufacturing

Injection mold making is the production process of processing and manufacturing molds, including design, processing, assembly, debugging, testing and trial mode and other steps. Injection mold making has its unique requirements and specifications compared to other industrial products.

High Precision in Injection Mold Making

The design and manufacture of injection molds must have high precision. The precision of injection molds is mainly determined by the precision requirements of the parts and the mold structure. In order to ensure the precision and quality of the parts, the precision of the working part of the mold is usually 2 to 4 levels higher than that of the parts.

Long Service Life of Injection Molds

Injection molds are relatively expensive equipment, and their service life will directly affect production costs. Therefore, except for special cases such as small batch production and new product trial production, long service life is generally required for molds, and the service life of molds is more important in mass production.

Different Production Cycles in Injection Mold Making

The length of the cycle of injection mold making is mainly determined by the level of manufacturing technology and production management. In order to meet production needs and improve product competitiveness, it is necessary to shorten the mold making cycle as much as possible while ensuring quality.

Strict Control of Mold Quality in Injection Mold Making

Strict quality control is necessary in the process of injection mold making. Strict inspection and testing processes should be adopted in raw material inspection, process control, and finished product inspection to ensure that the size accuracy, assembly quality, and performance of the mold meet the design requirements.

Effective Reduction of Production Cost in Injection Mold Making

The cost of injection molds is related to the complexity of mold structure, mold material, manufacturing accuracy, and processing methods. When designing and manufacturing molds, comprehensive considerations should be made according to the actual situation. Reasonable design and development of processing technology processes must be made according to the requirements of the parts to strive to reduce the manufacturing cost of injection molds and improve product competitiveness.

Injection molds are widely used, and plastic injection molding parts in modern manufacturing almost need them. Therefore, the injection mold industry is an important part of high-tech industries and an important and valuable technological resource. Optimizing the system structure design and profile of injection molds to make them more intelligent, improving the standardization of injection molding processes and parts, improving the precision and quality of plastic mold manufacturing, and reducing the grinding and polishing of mold parts surface and the manufacturing cycle of injection molds. Using special materials with high performance and easy cutting for various types of mold parts to improve mold performance and adapt to the diversification of the market and new product trial production. Applying rapid prototyping technology and rapid prototyping technology to rapidly manufacture injection molds or die-casting molds, etc. All of these will become the development trend of plastic mold manufacturing technology in the next 5 to 20 years.

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