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The Technology of Insert Molding

1. The definition of the insert molding

Insert molding refers to the molding method in which after a pre-prepared insert of dissimilar materials is placed in a mold, resin is injected, and the molten material is joined and solidified with the insert to make an integrated product.

2. Precautions for the design and selection of automatic insert molding system

(1) Metal insert molding is prone to the problem of uneven molding shrinkage rate, so the limit test of the shape and dimensional accuracy of important parts should be done first.

(2) The metal insert is easy to deform and shift during the injection process, so full consideration should be given to the mold composition and the design of the mold shape of the metal insert molding that is easy to maintain. For products with inserts whose shape cannot be changed, prior testing is indispensable.

(3) When the conveyor is used due to the arrangement and separation of the metal inserts, the contact between the metal inserts and the contact between the inserts and the vibrating ball will cause slight damage to the surface of the inserts, thereby affecting product quality. Therefore, the permissible limit range of its quality should be confirmed in advance.

(4) The zigzag, warpage, material thickness difference, diameter difference caused by the stamping process, and thickness difference caused by the metal insert China custom plastic injection molding should be measured in advance, and the matching selection and design of the automation device and the design of the mold structure should be carried out on this basis.

(5) All predictable issues that restrict the mold structure, such as the position of the pouring gate, method, and molding cycle of the mold should be resolved in advance or corresponding improvement measures should be made as much as possible.

(6) It should be confirmed whether the metal insert molding needs to be preheated or dried. The purpose is to ensure the product quality and the stability of the molding.

(7) The various detection devices installed in the mold are used to ensure the stability of the insert injection molding action when the mold is affected by environmental conditions such as heat, force, and vibration. It should be confirmed whether it is used.

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