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How to Choose Standard Mold Cycle for Injection Moulding Mold Factories and Reduce Processing Time?

Plastic injection molds are customized for different plastic products, but there are many similarities in their structures. Therefore, in order to manufacture molds more efficiently, injection moulding mold factories have started using some standard mold blanks. In the process of customizing molds, injection moulding moldfactories only need to produce different types of molded parts, and they can inject different plastic products, greatly reducing the time required for injection mold processing. So, what issues should a injection moulding mold factory pay attention to when choosing standard mold blanks?

Mold blank thickness of plastic injection molds

The mold blank thickness of injection molding supplies is different for different models and specifications of injection molding machines. The closing distance of lock mechanisms with different structures is also different.

Injection moulding mold opening stroke and distance between front and back molds

The opening stroke of plastic moulding supplies and the distance between the front and back molds that are separated are related to the size of the stroke required to eject parts. This must be clear during the design process. The stroke for ejecting molds should be greater than the distance required to take out the plastic parts before separating the front and back molds, and the distance required to eject the plastic parts should be less than the rated stroke of the ejector hydraulic cylinder of the injection molding machine.

Precautions for plastic injection molds factories when installing standard mold frames

  • The external dimensions of the standard mold blank should not be affected by the distance of the injection machine's pull rod.

  • The size of the positioning hole and the positioning ring should be well matched.

  • Whether the position of the injection machine's pushing mechanism and the stroke of the top bar are appropriate.

  • Whether the nozzle aperture and spherical radius match the size of the mold's gating bushing and spherical groove.

  • The position and aperture size of the mounting holes of the mold blank should match the corresponding screws on the moving mold and fixed mold of the injection molding machine.

When choosing mold frames, injection moulding mold factories need to understand the technical requirements of plastic parts and their injection molding processes.

To ensure the performance and reliability of plastic parts and plastic injection moulds, it is necessary to verify and calculate the mechanical properties of the mold blanks, especially the strength and stiffness of the mold blanks, to ensure that the size of the front and back molds and supporting plates meet the needs of the mold structure.

In the injection moulding mold processing industry, in order to produce high-precision and high-quality products of injection moulding, professional machines must be used with the help of computers, software processing technology, and the selection of suitable equipment and tools. This is the basic condition for producing good products. It can also increase labor productivity and enable technical departments to propose new plans. By meticulously planning every aspect, we can try our best to reduce processing errors, improve work efficiency, and ensure that good products can meet customers' needs.

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