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Maintenance of Injection Molds

Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, the rules of survival of the fittest in the market will become more and more obvious. Whoever can keep up with the rhythm of the times can become the helmsman of the times. China's injection molding mold industry has seen the advantages of the Internet, seen the impact of the mobile Internet on all walks of life, recognized the changes of the times and the importance of industry innovation, seized the opportunity, found the blueprint for the development of the industry, and welcomed the new opportunity for the development of the injection molding mold processing industry.

Ⅰ. Maintenance of injection molding mold cooling water channel

The function of the cooling water channel is to cool and solidify the plastic parts in the cavity through the cooling water, which has a great influence on the molding process of the plastic parts.

1. The hazards of blockage of cooling water channels

In the long-term working process, the surface of the cooling water channel is easy to deposit scale, dirt, rust, etc., which will reduce the circulation area of the cooling water channel, and greatly reduce the heat exchange between the cooling water and the mold, so that the cooling effect is greatly reduced, which is very harmful. 

2. Check for blockage of cooling water channel

The increase of deposits on the surface of the cooling water channel will cause partial blockage of the water channel, which can be judged by measuring the flow rate of the cooling water to determine the internal condition of the cooling water channel. When measuring, a pressure control valve can be installed between the injection molding mold and the cooling water channel, and under the same conditions, the pressure drop of the cooling water passing through the mold can be measured. From this, the blockage of the cooling water passage can be determined. If the blockage reaches a certain level, it must be cleaned in time.

3. Cleaning of cooling water channels

Since the design of the cooling water channel is related to the shape of the cavity, its shape is tortuous and inconvenient to disassemble. Therefore, it cannot be cleaned by mechanical methods, but can only be washed with a cleaning agent, and the adhering dirt can be removed under the strong impulse of the cleaning agent. There are a variety of cleaning agents to choose from.

Ⅱ. Maintenance of injection molding mold unloading

After the injection molding mold has completed a given production task, it needs to be disassembled from the injection molding machine. When disassembling, carefully remove the residual plastic, and adopt different cleaning methods according to the different properties of different plastics. Mold cleaners are generally used to remove residual plastic and other deposits from molds. If there are rust spots on the surface of the cavity, they should be removed and polished, and then sprayed with mold anti-rust agent for protection, and then stored in stock.

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