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Injection Molding Advantages in the Medical Field

Injection molding has a number of advantages over other plastic manufacturing methods, making it a better choice for the medical industry.  

1. The importance of  injection molding in medical

In the past thirty years, plastics have become an indispensable part of modern medicine. Medical practice is entering an era of rapid development, and plastics are the core of medical innovation. Injection molding is usually used in the development of medical device prototypes and the manufacture of improved prostheses and devices to reduce the risk of infection. Medical device injection molding help reduce medical costs, contain infectious diseases and improve pain management. Medical plastic injection molding directly improves the quality of medical treatment, strengthens the safety rate of patients, and saves more lives.

2. Advantages of the medical plastic injection molding

(1) Compliance with standards

Special plastics conforming to FDA standards are used for injection molding, requiring very little modification work. In addition, manufacturers can choose materials formulated specially to repel contaminants, thereby improving the sterility of the final part.

(2) Traceability

The traceability of parts is critical in the medical industry because it enables customers to track their parts throughout the China medical plastic mold manufacturing process. Injection molding can provide this service to protect the health of patients.

(3) Mechanical properties

Injection molded parts have similar strength, stability and heat resistance to metal parts.

(4) Flexibility

The injection molded parts surface finish are transparent plastic before processing, so the color and design of each product can be flexibly customized.

(5) Repeatability in large quantities

Medical components must be very precise and meet strict tolerances, otherwise they may be unusable. Injection molding can guarantee these requirements will be met.

(6) Save costs

Automation allows injection molding to produce high-quality parts with a low injection molding cost in large quantities.

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