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Injection Moulding Applications


Since 1980, Keyplast has involved in different industries and markets for 40 years. As a professional custom plastic parts manufacturer, we have experienced professionals and an efficient team to offer turnkey solutions for different clients and provide custom made plastic parts and cost-effective solutions for different projects. 

With 40 years of experience, our injection moulding applications like twin shot injection moulding,exist in various industries, including Electronics, Medical, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Gardening and Industry. We have some applicable experience and share useful cases from different industries that we have served in.

Below you can learn more about the basics of injection molding applications. Keyplast, a professional china plastic injection mold manufacturer,  can help customer analyze their design if can be adopted by injection molding and improve their design in case there are some problems. Our custom injection molding service can greatly help you get your projects started.

Electronics Injection Molding


With our insight into the specialized requirements of the electronic industry, a manufacturer of electronic security approached the injection molding of two different sizes of shell which are used for protect the internal part.
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Medical Injection Molding


For more than 20 years, Shibang Plastics has only focused on the production of high-end precision injection molded parts, and has established a good reputation in the industry.
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Automotive Plastic Injection Molding


The automotive industry is one of the most highly developed manufacturing sectors in the world today. Use injection molded plastic parts has made a great success in improve safety, increase efficiency of fuel, use alternative clean fuels, and reduce environmental pollution.
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Food And Beverage Injection Molding

Food And Beverage

Key Plast ventured into making food containers molds for businesses in 2005. Over time, we have gained lots of experience and expertise in designing buckets, making molds, and manufacturing plastic buckets.
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Gardening Injection Molding


As an industry leader in injection molding, Key Plast has developed a reputation as a manufacturer that can handle customized and challenging projects. We have high speed CNC machines to accurately make tools.
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Industrial Injection Molding


This is a door control switch box part on automation equipment, used to fix the door control switch, it is a visible appearance part, and the surface is required to be bright and beautiful.
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