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Gardening Injection Molding

Keyplast brings every concept into a reality, not only for every client, but also for our own development in all areas, especially in gardening industry and offers products like flower pot making mould and plant pot mould. We specialized in developing our own brands and products, Leaf Scoop is one of self-developed product used in gardening industry. The leaf scoop is created from the concept to easy handle with the yard waste.

Flower Pot Mould Design To Production

Keyplast injection moulding company created different designs for the leaf scoops of different sizes, not only easy to scratch the leaves but also to fit different sizes of user's hands. Then we made 3D-printing samples to check appearance and assembly. The samples turned out to be comfortable on the wrist and had good grip for the hand in using. After confirmation of the samples, Keyplast tested different injection molding materials and found out a new plastic material of high quality to make the leaf scoop light and durable for comfortable use, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. Moreover, Keyplast considered the issues of storage and packaging. 

In current, all categories of leaf scoops are easily stackable or hang to save space. For further choices, Keyplast provides different colors from the Pantone card, Logo printing on products or package, customized package for the brand and any other specific needs. In the gardening industry, Keyplast helps to make every great idea come true.

Gardening Injection Molding

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