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What Details Are Important in Machining and Designing Automotive Molds?

The entire automotive industry has ushered in new development opportunities, and the growth of the automotive industry has also driven the development of the entire industrial chain, such as the auto parts industry. In recent years, the automotive industry has increased demand for plastic products, and many auto parts have begun to use plastic products. Therefore, the quality of plastic parts is particularly important, and it is the injection mold that determines the quality of plastic parts. How to design the good automotive injection molding for automobiles is a problem that every molder needs to consider. So what details need to be paid attention to when designing a set of high-quality auto molds?

1. Simplified design of automobile injection mold

Plastic product design is a key stage in the design of automobile injection molds. For the design of plastic products, it is necessary to simplify the plastic product model as much as possible. Simplified design scheme is a requirement clearly put forward for each optimization stage of plastic products. On the basis of this requirement, the basic requirements of important links are considered. For example, in the thickness design scheme of injection molding in automotive industry, try to make the thickness of the mold as symmetrical as possible. Prevents uneven glue positions that do not appear to be suitable.

2. Pay attention to standardizing the compressive strength of automobile injection molds

The compressive strength and strength should be standardized to a certain extent, otherwise it will not be able to withstand friction, which will endanger the construction quality. The strength requirement should not be less than HRC35 at least, and there are very few special requirements above the strength requirement of 50 ~ 52HRC. To make the surface glossy after forming, it can be done by grinding and polishing.

3. Select the parting line and parting surface of automobile injection mold

The parting line is the boundary line of each parting block. First define the parting line, and then consider the parting surface. The clear way of the parting line can be determined according to the appearance of the part. The function of the fractal line is only to divide the product into two parts, and the junction line is the same. To obtain the parting surface of the automotive china custom injection molding, the fractal line can be used, and the parting surface of the mold can be determined by using the fractal line scanner around the mold at multiple places.

4. Common problems of parting surface design scheme of automobile injection mold

There is one thing that must be paid attention to on the parting surface of the automobile injection mold, that is, to ensure that each same slope has a sealing distance, and also to ensure the effectiveness of the distance, so that the plastic solution can not be lost in the whole process of injection. The name material spacing is matched by this efficiency, which can seal the material. In the whole process of establishing the parting surface, if you encounter a parting surface with a large difference in height-width ratio such as a slope or a slope, a ladder, etc., whether it is one or several, be sure to set a standard plan for it, which can be beneficial to production. Machining and measuring.

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